Disrupting the global forged high-end industry by buying direct from the source and selling to the end costumer.


(normal price 1 ETH = 6,000 GFT)
1 ETH during private sale = 12,000 GFT
(100% bonus)

Private sale ends in

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What is GFT ?

Genuine Fashion Token brings manufacturers, retailers and end costumers together in a single decentralized platform, using blockchain technology, to disrupt the forged fashion industry by creating an immutable record that details and assures the provenance of valuable articles. We authenticate high-end items like diamonds, jewelry, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe etc. With our state of the art scan devices and our database with product information and the help with experts and nodes we can provide a 100% forged proof authentication service for our E-commerce. Retailers can upload their purchases by following our standard protocol. Once approved by our algorithm, a certificate is created in our block chain that cannot be changed by anyone and is therefore forged proof and has insurance possibilities which will be valuable for the consumer as well as the insurance companies. High-end brands rule supply chain but most are sold through third parties. GFT will also develop an E-commerce around this authentication system. This provides a solution to the untrustworthy online world without third parties intervening.

Initial Coin Offering

Genuine Fashion Tokens (GFT) will be exclusively created in one private sale and 3 rounds of Crowdsale and will be sent instantly to contributors wallet. Token creation process will be organized around Smart Contracts running on Ethereum Network.

The Token

Genuine Fashion Token (GFT) is a decentralized platform developed to an eco-system which prevents forged high-end items being spread and sold in the online and physical world, GFT provides a service where high-end manufacturers and retailers are connected with the end costumer.

GFT will build a decentralized app (DApp) that allows manufacturers to upload their product information encrypted only can be seen by manufacturer and the end costumer who bought the item which can be checked by a unique QR code on the product.

Blockchain technology provides a unique code for the uploaded items and cannot be changed by anyone. If the consumer wants to sell, trade or just hold on to his items he can always prove that the items are genuine. But beginner traders should take the time to educate themselves on market fundamentals and develop a solid trading strategy before risking any capital. When somebody wants to buy such item he or she can always check our platform if this item is genuine and authentic. The adoption of Bitcoin in the fashion sector has resulted in the abolition of various fraud cases and the implementation of a more transparent structure in the business. Bitcoin has the potential to alter the way payments are done in the retail industry. Bitcoin's Blockchain can simplify and assure secure payments on a wide scale without requiring parties to trust each other.Use the most reliable trading apps, such as Bitcoin Trader, to make your Bitcoin trading easier. Visit coincierge.de for detailed information about this trading apps.

After this first milestone we will expand to high-end manufacturers and retailers and will build our own e-commerce platform for genuine products. When we have manufacturers and retailers as our partners we can follow the product distribution. Also GFT gets exclusive product codes and sizing which are helpful with our protocol and decentralized database. When this platform evolves GFT also converts to pop-up stores around the world, so consumers can authenticate instore and buy authentic items in-store.

Genuine Fashion Token (GFT)

We are issuing an ERC20 Token that will give holders following rights:

  • Right to vote on platform key decisions
  • Right to have a discount on platform fee when start a Crowdsale
  • Right to rate crowdsales started on Genuine Fashion Token
  • Possibilty to promote Crowdsale on Genuine Fashion Token social media channels

We may always add rights for token holders, in that case we will communicate them on our official channels.

GFT Tokens will be exclusively created in one private sale and 3 rounds of Crowdsale and will be sent instantly to contributors wallet. Tokens will be transferable immediately after the Crowdsale end.

  • Name: Genuine Fashion Token
  • Symbol: GFT
  • Type: ERC20
  • Estimated Price: 0.000167 ETH (1 ETH = 6,000 GFT Private sale starts July 20th and ends on 23 of September 2018 During Private Sale 100% bonus and you get 12,000!
  • GFT Maximum Total Supply: 1,500,000,000
    (Available through pre-ICO/presale/ICO 765,000,000)
  • Token Freeze: None
    Minimum purchase of GFT is 150 tokens is equivalent of 10 uploads or $ 1,50 per upload.
  • Token Burn: All unsold tokens during crowdsale will be burned
  • Payment Currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, BCH, XRP, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD & more
  • Soft Cap: No softcap
  • Absolute Hard Cap: 76,000,000 USD
  • Bonus structure: Community based
  • Transparency: Open source (public Github)
  • Private Sale:Private sale will end on November 29th 2018 (100% bonus)
  • Crowdsale dates (GMT+01:00):
    • Round 1:
      November 30th 2018 and ends December 31st 2018 (50% bonus)
    • Round 2:
      January 1st 2019 and ends February 28th 2019 (25% bonus)
    • Round 3:
      March 1st 2019 and ends June 30th 2019 (0% bonus)
  • Maximum Cap (Round 1): 25.000 ETH

Bounty Program

We have installed a referral program for users who want to support us growing our platform development.

Incentive Program

To incentivize people to use Genuine Fashion token platform we will give owners of successful Crowdsales a rewards of GFT until the Incentive program reserved tokens ends.


Private Sale

July 2018


August 2018


September to November 2018

State of the art scan devices to scan diamonds and other high-end items.

January 2019

Manufacturers and retailers integrated into the Dapp.

April 2019

Decentralized application E-commerce online

September 2019

Physical Stores and more partners

December 2019


Sam Wijnen

Founder/ CEO

Alex Mathai


Frank Wijnen


Pankaj Jaiswal

SEO and Digital Marketing

Priyal Patidar

SEO and Digital Marketing

Parnasree Chowdhury

Lead Developer

Iman Kalyan Mallick

Lead Developer

Julius Mallik

Lead Developer

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